The OSVR apps, games and experiences to download

OSVR – Razer and Sensics’ bold, open source VR platform – has been slowly but surely adding new partners and titles to its roster over the past 12 months. This ‘Android-for-VR’ ecosystem isn’t competing with Oculus, HTC/Valve and Samsung, it’s actually working with headset makers – as well as accessory …

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13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch


If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on a new Apple Watch, you’ll be wanting some killer accessories to go alongside it. Luckily, following the lead of the iPhone and iPad, a glut of enterprising manufacturers and startups have risen to the challenge of providing extra products that …

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Pascal and VRWorks Infuse VR with New Level of Presence


With the launch of our first NVIDIA Pascal gaming GPU, we’re dramatically expanding VRWorks to bring new levels of realism to virtual reality through sight, sound and touch. True presence in VR must be convincing to all your senses. An incorrectly lit object or missing echo can quickly undermine the …

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Hands-on review: Amazon Kindle Oasis


Ever since the original Amazon Kindle hit the virtual shelves back in November 2007, the company has managed to refine the design with each passing generation, chipping off bits here and there to make it one of the best-looking ereaders around. What the new Kindle Oasis proves is that Amazon …

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Review: Skullcandy Grind Wireless


Skullcandy, a brand that was once known for cheap earbuds and lackluster headphones, has been full of surprises these days. First, it put out the excellently priced Skullcandy Grind, a wired headset with exceptional sound quality and comfortable padding. Now, it’s followed that with a wireless version that packs in …

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Hands-on review: Toshiba Portege Z30-C-125

2016 has been a tumultuous year for Toshiba. It will be remembered as the year when the Japanese company made the decision to abandon the consumer laptop market and focus exclusively on the B2B market. For business users however, that’s not a great loss as the Satellite Pro, Portege and …

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